Alchemy and health? Are you mad? Yup…

We ‘spose you want to know what planet we are on! Well, we are actually on this Earth and we are in the 21st century. A 21st century world that is heating up, where people are cracking up and where society is really starting to struggle with the polycrisis that in unfolding around us.

So we thought we would contribute to trying to make it a smidgen better with this podcast and substack.

Jen is an OT and an award winning artist (seriously award winning too). A right creative type. Stuart is nurse, healthcare manager, academic, politician and a Druid (yup, one of those tree huggers). Together we know quite a bit about health and healthcare and want to put that experience to good use. We are also bro and sis.

Therefore… a substack focused on creativity, being human, healing, health, healthcare, sustainability and so on!

But why alchemy? Alchemy is the art and science of change, and we need change.

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What should healthcare look like in a sustainable, regenerative and creative world?


Stuart Jeffery

Green councillor, healthcare expert (quailifed nurse, academic and former NHS director) and tree hugger extraordinaire / Druid...

Jen Gash

Artist, occupational therapist, coach and writer, interesting in wellbeing, creativity and regenerative health. Painter of many things.