Alchemical Health
Alchemical Health
Say hello to the frozen peas

Say hello to the frozen peas

Alice Hortop, OT and Senior lecture at UWE

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Discussing happiness, and sadness, with Alice Hartop, OT and senior lecturer at UWE Bristol. We bring in relationships, capitalism, wild swimming, belonging, sustainability and a discussion on Earthlings…

  • Man’s search for meaning - Victor Frankl

  • Braiding Sweetgrass - Robin Wall Kimmerer

  • Three ecologies - Felix Guattari

  • Radical Help - Hillary Cottam

  • Humankind: A Hopeful History - Rutger Bregman

  • The UK Covid Inquiry

Forge: Just spend some time walking round with a smile and say hello to things, like the toilet roll.

Alchemical Health
Alchemical Health
What should healthcare look like in a sustainable, regenerative and creative world?
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