Alchemical Health
Alchemical Health
Creativity as a survival mechanism with Katherine Long
Creativity as a survival mechanism with Katherine Long

Katherine Long is our guest this week. Katherine’s website says: Bringing regenerative principles to life. Coach, author, supervisor, facilitator, supporting leadership and eldership.

Katherine, Jen and Stuart talk about creativity as a survival mechanism, fractal patterns, animism, pollution, and healing. Katherine picks up on the wisdom of living systems, Theory U, and biomes. Exchange reciprocity and holons. Healing vs curing. Animism. Carbon tunnel vision and not understanding the wider pollutants. 


This week’s Forge: Enchantment, proper magic. Cantare… singing. Sing something somewhere to someone or something outside.

Music: Pursuit by Abbeynoise Music from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: BDBKCAXBNB6CLSSX

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Alchemical Health

Alchemical Health

What should healthcare look like in a sustainable, regenerative and creative world?

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